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Taxi in Lisbon


Taxi are cheap and always available, they represent a good solution in case you need to move with heavy luggage, while they are unnecessary for your visit around the city, given the comfort and efficiency of the public transport network.

The taximeter offers 4 fares:

There is an extra of Euro 1,60 for luggage , and Euro 0,80 for telephone calls. Taxi drivers in Lisbon are honest, with the exception of some taxi parked outside the airport, who apply some higher fares, or try to hide the taximeter. Consider that the average acceptable fare to reach the city centre from the airport should not exceed 8 Euro.

Lisbon tourist office inside the airport sells taxi vouchers at fixed tariff, but they are not so convenient if you need to reach the city centre (approximately ? 15)

Useful numbers:
Teletáxis: tel. 218 111 100
Rádio Táxis de Lisboa: tel. 218 119 000
Autocoope: tel. 217 996 460
Volancoop: tel. 218 153 513

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