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Lisbon Underground


 The underground network includes 4 lines: the blue line, Azul , the yellow line Amarela, the green line, Verde, and the red one, Velmelha .

All lines operate between 6.30 am and 1 am.
The zone L is the main one, calling at the main stations, while the 1 line operates in the suburban areas, including only the final 3 stations of the blue line (Pontinha, Alfornelos and Amadora Esteand the two final stations of the yellow line (Senhor, Roubado); in each of these stations there are connections with suburban bus lines.

1 zone: Euro 0,80
2 zone: Euro 1,10

Monthly travel card:
Zone L (urban): Euro 18,50 (Euro 9,25 per <18)
Zone L + Zone 1 (entire network): Euro 27,20 (Euro 13,60 for kids under)



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