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How to move around Lisbon


Lisbon is provided with an excellent integrated public transport network, including 90 bus lines, 5 tram lines, 3 ascensores and 1 elevator, all managed by the company Carris, and 4 underground lines operating from 6.30 am to 1 am, which cover three quarters of the city and its suburban areas. In addition to this, numerous urban companies operate within the city and its immediate surroundings, while the ferry boats connect the two banks of river Tejo.

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To move around by public transport is highly recommendable, especially considering that Lisbon is built on 7 hills, and walking up and down its steep streets may be quite fatiguing after a while. Moreover, it must be said that buses and trams are an integral part of Lisbon social and cultural life, and their itineraries are an experience of their own, since they climb the narrow and steep ascents of the historic districts, revealing breathtaking views. Some itineraries, for instance that of tram n. 28, cover the same tourist circuits proposed by the official City Sightseeing tours, at a much cheaper price!

For info on sightseeing tours offered by the company Carris you may visit:

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Bus, tram, underground rides are all frequent and efficient, so you can reach every corner of the city easily and quickly. All means are safe and clean, it is not unusual to see kids traveling alone on public transport. Obviously Lisbon is not completely exempt from pickpockets, especially on the most crowded lines, but a little bit of prudence is sufficient to keep them away.

The city is pervaded by a shared sense of respect for things belonging to collectivity, and this is particularly visible in the underground stations, which are very clean and well kept.

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With all this in mind here are some advices to get around by public transports, making use of the various card options.

» Autocarros, eléctricos, ascensores ed Elévador

» Metro

» Lisboa Viva

» Daily Ticket Carris/Metro

» Cartão 7 Colinas and Cartão Viva Viagem

» Ferry Boats

» Taxi

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