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Belém and the Tejo embankment - Lisbon


In the western part of Lisbon lies the district of Belém, a charming area rich of interesting places. The most important museums and some of the city top monuments are in fact gathered in Belem, like the Monastery dos Jeronimos.

Belem was the departure point for the Portuguese vessels during the age of discoveries.

The notorious brightness which characterizes Lisbon is even stronger here because of the Ocean proximity.
The district of Belem hosts huge parks crowded with families, runners, young couples and people in search of relax.

Finally, Belem is also the place where the exquisite "pasties" are produced.
The visit of the monastery dos Jeronimos is absolutely not to miss.
Going back toward east you will meet the Padrão dos Descobrimentos, the famous monument dedicated to the geographic discoveries of the 16th century.
The monument was ordered by Salazar in 1960, and it represents the bows of a caravel, with the protagonists of the great discoveries leaning toward the Ocean.
An inner lift takes on top of the monument.

Antiga Confeitaria de Belém Lisbona. Hotel Lisbona Portogallo

A short stop at the most renowned confectionery of Lisbon is a must: the Antiga Confeitaria de Belém is a fascinating pastry shop, where recipes for the preparation of the exquisite pasteis de Belém are said to be secretly kept.
Don't be intimidated by the queue outside the shop, it generally dissolves quickly, and the wait is anyway worth it! Pasteis are served hot, sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar. The average cost is Euro 0,90.

What to see in Belém


Padrão dos Descobrimentos
Avenida de Brasília
Timetables: Tue-sun.: 10am-18pm (winter time); 10am-19pm (summer time).
During the month of August it is open all days.

Centro Cultural de Belém
Praça do Imperio
A modern building in calcareous stone: inner courtyards, big stairs, terraces with olive treesEuro Built in 1992, since 2006 is hosts the Berardo Museum (free entry; open all days: 10am-19pm [22 pm on Fridays ];, which stores an amazing modern and contemporary art collection of the magnate José Berardo, including works by Mondrian, Picasso, Miró, Warhol, Basquiat and many others.
The centre also hosts the design museum, open Monday to Friday from 8 am to 21 pm, and Saturday and Sunday from 10 am to 19 pm. This museum stores a collection of 600 works by 230 artists of the XX century.
Open all days. Web:

Centro Ciêntifico e Cultural de Macau
Rua da Junqueira
A didactic museum centred on the Portuguese colony of Macao, a small island in the far East, which returned under the Chinese government in 1999.
Timetables: Tue-Sun 10am-17pm
Full ticket: Euro 3,00
Half rate ticket : reserved to students and Young Card holders, adults over 65 and Lisboa Card holders: Euro 1,50
Free admission: children under 14

Museu Nacional de Arte Popular
Avenida de Brasília
Exhibition of clothing, work clothing, tools exc...
Opening times:
Tue-Sun.: 10am -12:30 pm and 14pm-17pm.

Palácio Nacional da Ajuda

Calçada da Ajuda In the rooms of the former royal palace are exhibited golden objects, decorative art works of the XV-XX century, and the potteries and jewels of the Portuguese kings.
Opening times:
Tue-Thu.: 10am-17pm (winter time), 10am-20pm (summer time)

Palácio de Belém
Praça Afonso de Albuquerque
18th century palace, current residence of the President of the Republic Opening times:
Tue-Thu.: 10am-18pm

Inside the Palácio de Belém

Museu Nacional dos Coches (National Museum of Carriages)
amazing collection of carriages and traps of the XVII-XIX century, stored in the former stable of the royal palace. There are also paintings, carved woods and allegories in honour of the conquers and discoveries of the past ages.
Opening times:
Tue-Sun.: 10am-18pm; last admission 17:30pm.
Full ticket: Euro 4,00;
Discounts are applied to:
- young people between15-25, teachers, retired people: Euro 2,00;
- Young Card holders: Euro 1,60;
- Families (the reduction is applied on the ticket of one of the two parents accompanying 1 or 2 children under 18): Euro 2,00.
Free admission for everybody within 14 pm on public holidays and Sundays, and for kids under 14.


Jardim do Ultramar
Largo dos Jerónimos
A lovely 7 hectares park, with botanic species imported from Brazil, India, Angola e Mozambique.
Opening time:
Winter: all days 10am-17pm
Summer: mon -fry 10 am-17 pm. Saturday and Sunday l1 am-18 pm

Jardim botânico da Ajuda
Calçada da Ajuda
With a surface of 35.000 m² this is the biggest botanic garden of Portugal. Found in the 18th century by the marquis de Pombal for the will of José I, the garden hosts botanic species coming from three different continents. Opening times:
April: 9am-19pm
Mai.- Sep.: 9 am-20pm
Oct.-Mar.: 9 am-18pm
Full ticket: Euro 2,00; weekend: Euro 1,50
Reduced ticket (for students and retired people): Euro 1,00; weekend: Euro 0,75
Free admission for children under the age of 7.

Museu Nacional de Etnologia
Avenida Ilha de Madeira
Collection of ethnographic finds from all over the world, with primitive art from Brazil and West Africa and some temporary exhibitions. Opening times:
Tue.: 14 pm-18pm, Wed.-Sun.: 10 am-18pm
Full ticket: Euro 4,00
- young people between 15-25, teachers, retired people: Euro 2,00;
- Young Card holders: Euro 1,60;
- the reduction is applied on the ticket of one of the two parents accompanying 1 or 2 children under 18 : Euro 2,00.
Free admission for everybody within 2 pm on feast days; everyday for children and young people under the age of 14.

Museo do Design
Centro Cultural de Belem, Praca do Imperio
Tel. +351.21.3612400


What to see in Lisbon


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