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This is the most ancient district of the city. Its construction dates back to the Moorish domination in the XI century.
This delightful district includes the beautiful Museum of Decorative Arts, the charming Casa do Fado, which pays homage to the typical music tradition of the city through audio and visual installations; the picturesque flight of steps Escadinhas de Santo Estevao, and above all, the admirable Castelo de Sao Jorge , which towers above.

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From its bastions one can enjoy a lovely view over the districts of Chiado and Barrio Alto.
The castle origin dates from the V century, but the fortress was enlarged only with the arrival of the Moorish four centuries later, who added the impressive defence-walls that still surround it.
The castle was also the place where in 1499 Vasco de Gama, on his way back from the Indian expedition, met king Manuel 1st. Today the exact place where the meeting took place, the Olisiponia, hosts a multimedia centre which narrates the city history.
Not to miss is a visit of the Camera Obscura, an interactive building from where you can enjoy a peculiar view of the city through a game of mirrors and screens.
The Sé Cathedral is also worth a visit, with a fine collection of treasures of the age.
The Castle, which was also used as a prison in the past, hosts some beautiful gardens, a café and one of the most panoramic miradouros of Lisbon.

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In the Alfama you can visit:

Castelo de Sao Jorge
Tel. +351.21.8800620
Tram: 28, bus: 37

Museu de Artes Decorativas
Largos das Portas do Sol 2
Tel. +351.21.8814600
Closed on Mondays
Tram: 12,28 Bus: 37


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